From the review of Venus factor by the nutritionist when it was introduced, we gather that it improves the overall metabolism of woman and it fights against Leptin resistance. Soon after the delivery, fat gets accumulated in belly, thighs and hips for woman and the Leptin level decreases. Venus factor aims at stimulating this hormone.

Once we enroll to the Venus factor weight-loss program apart from getting the main manual and the workout guide we also get access to the Venus factor free download to the online application, virtual nutritionist. This calculates the Venus index encompassing the dimension of height, shoulder and waist measurement etc. To maximize the results one should take the advantage of the Venus Index.

Venus factor diet menu gives a whole lot of freedom. It does not force you to eat something or not to eat something. The diet menu recommends a few foods that one might include in the diet, but the diet plan does not impose one to follow those. One is basically allowed at their liberty to eat what they want. If Venus is not the right method for you, we would recommend you try this new method called Fat diminiher


Essential tips to bring back your marvellous shape

You maybe tempted to buy diet pills like Phen375. But it is possible to get into great figure naturally. One of the healthy and the most effective technique that serves to put down your weight after giving birth is Breastfeeding.  This is very much insisted by doctors across the world as it not only favours added benefits to your child, but also helps reduce your weight gain considerably.

Water, an absolute natural element aids in shedding off weight with the increased amount of urine passage. Note that a routine range of 3-4 litres on a daily note is advisable for better results pertaining to weight reduction post pregnancy.

Relax and always consume food only when you are hungry. Avoid unhealthy foods such as packed and junk which directly result in adding up more weight. Aromatherapy massage is good for muscle relax. Watch the video below.

It is always recommended to follow a diet chart that could necessarily aid you in consuming healthy food from time to time. This is besides ensuring the right amount of health benefits (through breastfeeding) for your child is given which would help him/her on the long run and faster growth.

The most important advice of all is to be pre-occupied with some kind of physical work. However, it should not be too stressful as well. Walking and regular exercise could also be your ticket to gaining your shape back.

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